Do you believe in a sharing economy?Actively support Usitoo

Become a Usitoo cooperator

As an approved cooperative, Usitoo is happy to welcome you as a new cooperator whenever you’re ready.

By contributing your funds to finance Usitoo’s development, you are actively contributing to the promotion of a low-carbon world, governed by a use and sharing economy that supports local employment.

Why become a cooperator?

Usitoo isn’t fundraising just to raise funds. We firmly believe in the strength of unity and community, the foundations of a sharing and short circuit economy.

  • Your voice actually matters: as part of the Usitoo cooperative, each cooperator has a voice in his or her own right. You support the cooperative’s plan and indicate what you think its priorities for development should be, all according to your means and possibilities. You can share your thoughts at general meetings and participate in focus groups.
  • You reinforce the meaning that you’ve already given your life: to give meaning to your money, contribute to the creation of local employment, participate individually in the objectives of sustainable development, and preserve the environment.

Cooperating with Usitoo also means an advantageous financial investment for you. It’s a life, community, humanitarian, and humanistic project:

  • You support an approved cooperative that has set itself the goal of transforming consumption patterns.
  • You benefit from a dividend of up to 6% on the cooperative’s future profits.
  • You own one share of the cooperative for every €100 invested.
  • You participate in the growth of the cooperative, as defined at our general and other meetings.

Any cooperator who invests in Usitoo’s innovative and sustainable project will, of course, take on some investment risk. However, we are a cooperative that is approved by the National Council of Cooperation and aims for progressive and stable development, and which is supported by the public authorities. Contact us with any questions you may have…

How much should you invest in the Usitoo cooperative?

Starting at €500, your investment gives you a tax deduction (of 45%). We’ll take care of sending you the relevant documents.

How much can you invest?

You invest
Tax benefit
1 share in the coop.
It costs you €100
You invest
Tax benefit
3 shares in the coop.
It costs you €300
You invest
Tax benefit (€225)
5 shares in the coop
It costs you €275
You invest
Tax benefit (€450)
10 shares in the coop.
It costs you €550
You invest
Tax benefit (€1125)
25 shares in the coop.
It costs you €1375
You invest
Tax benefit (€2250)
50 shares in the coop.
It costs you €2750

Marie, Pierre, Ionna et Quentin nous soutiennent déjà.
Pourquoi pas vous?

« …. I trusted in the sincere willingness to create something useful for people and to save money for the planet rather than “making money”. I also appreciate the cooperative way of working; there’s a more creative dynamic… »

Marie G., 56 years old.

« … Usitoo, to me, is the solution for avoiding the purchase of limited use items. I chose to be a cooperator to give my support and help create jobs. The fact that I benefit from a tax advantage is the cherry on top. »

Pierre M., 46 years old.

« … I am a cooperator in several projects, as it allows me to follow more closely the progress of these initiatives. Moreover, living in Brussels will mean this library of tools will be useful to me…»

Quentin C., 35 years old.

« Already aware of environmental issues, I have naturally joined this project that has human dimensions. The sharing economy for me is sustainable and responsible. I met people at Usitoo who share the same values. »

Ioanna V., 45 years old.