How much does a Usi point cost ?

To rent an item from Usitoo, you’ll need to buy points at the time you validate your order. You can pay per point or get discounted packages. Decide based on what you need.

What is your user profile?

Based on your needs, one point can go for between €0.90 and €2.20


You just want to try things out; you’re not sure that you’ll rent items very often. You don’t want anything long-term.




You want to rent occasionally. You think fifty points will be enough… to start.


50 points
in a €90 pack


You are a fan of renting items and want to take advantage of an attractive price with a formula that makes your life easier.


150 points
in a €150 pack

(offer reserved to cooperative members, 1 lifetime share of the cooperative = €100)


You’re practically a minimalist. You no longer buy items you don’t need. You love renting.


300 points
in a €270 pack

(offer reserved to cooperative members, 1 lifetime share of the cooperative = €100)

The 6 most frequently asked questions about our points

Do you have 50 points? you can rent a party tent and a large barbecue and a bouncy castle and a hot dog steamer, all for 3 days (of partying). If you had to buy all of these items, it would cost you €750! Just to be used once a year…

This happens during the transaction, after you’ve reserved your items.

Yes, you can give your points to anyone living under your roof.

Yes… and you’ll even receive an invoice! Municipalities, companies, government bodies, and charities are all transiting towards renting. We even have special subscription plans where you can help us spread the word of this consumption model even more, all while getting office deliveries.

You tell us! Here are your 4 advantages:

  1. One Usi point only costs you 1 Euro (or 90 cents, if you choose to become a Super Fan).
  2. If you get more cooperator shares, you’ll benefit from a tax advantage
  3. Only cooperators can “sell” us their items. If they interest us, we’ll pay you Usi points for the items that you’re getting off your hands.
  4. You become co-owner of our items and participate in the life of the cooperative!

All of the information can be found here.

Have more questions? Contact us and we’ll help you make the right choice. The Usitoo team is here for you by phone at (+32)470 32 45 13, by email ( or via our chat at the bottom right of the page.